Case studies on circular economy in Latin America region

Circular Economy: Strategies for Sustainable Development in LAC Cities & Countries 

Date: Oct 27, 2022

Time: 00:00 to 01:30 (KST/GMT+9)


This session will present circular economy strategies in the LAC region, and highlight projects in GGGI Member countries in the region. 

GGGI Peru is supporting the Municipality of Lima in developing the Circular Economy Strategy of Lima by 2030, which encourages the 43 districts to lead the pathway of transitioning into a more circular city. Furthermore, other organizations are working at the local and regional levels. For instance, the European Union has supported local governments in developing policy instruments to promote circular economy initiatives, Profonanpe, which works with SMEs within protected natural areas, and the Ministry of Environment, which is formulating strategic actions for the National Circular Economy Platform.

In this context, GGGI Peru has coordinated with various stakeholders, such as the ones mentioned above, to advance the national transition towards a circular economy. Therefore, Global Green Growth Week would give an appropriate space to present initiatives that could serve as examples to encourage the exchange of experiences on this topic with other entities and countries of the region. 

In Colombia, the Government of Antioquia will present the circular economy strategy that it built to face the state of climate emergency. This strategy defines a comprehensive waste management model with a circular economy approach and the structuring of a pilot project.

The strategy had three steps:

1. Analysis of the current state of comprehensive solid waste management, 2. Structuring of a solid waste management model that incorporates policies, standards and guidelines, and

3. Structuring of a pilot project in the department, with an impact on economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusion aligned with the departmental development plan. 

This territorial planning process contributes from the implementation of the circular economy at the regional level and with specific intervention projects. 

 Event Agenda:

Welcome Remarks 
– H.E. Ban Ki-moon, President of the Assembly and Chair of the Council, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)  (video message)
– Ms. Andrea Guzman, GGGI Colombia 
Regional Government of Antioquia/ Circular Economy Strategy   
– Speaker: Mr. Carlos Ignacio Uribe, Regional Government of Antioquia
Metropolitan Municipality of Lima Circular Economy Strategy by 2030
– Speaker: Ms. Maria Elena Alencar, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima  

Declaration of Circular Cities of Latin America and the Caribbean
– Speaker: Ms Estefani Rondon, ECLAC 

Circular Economy Private sector initiative – Enel
– Speaker: Ms. Veronica Saenz, Enel 

– Mr. Carlos Ignacio Uribe, Regional Government of Antioquia
– Ms. Maria Elena Alencar, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima
 Ms. Veronica Saenz, Enel
– Ms. Estefani Rondon, CEPAL 

Facilitator: Mr. Paola Cordova, GGGI Perú 
Closing Remarks
– Ms. Andrea Guzman, GGGI Colombia 

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