Climate Resilient Agriculture: Transforming & Reorienting Agricultural Systems (ii)

Climate Resilient Agriculture: Transforming & Reorienting Agricultural Systems (ii)

Date: Oct 27, 2022

Time: 19:00 to 20:30 (KST/GMT+9)

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This session will focus on climate-smart agriculture (CSA), an approach for transforming and reorienting agricultural systems to support food security under the dynamic realities of climate change. CSA underlines the importance of building evidence to identify viable options, value propositions and necessary enabling environments for effective implementation.

This session will also draw on lessons learned from various ongoing projects in the continent in providing evidence-based solutions to increase climate resilience in the agricultural system and food security. Presenters will provide information and highlight examples of best practices and effective solutions. The goal is also to undertake in-depth discussion on developing new opportunities and to mainstream CSA to transform a country’s agriculture sector into a more productive, climate-resilient, and low-emissions sector.

Event Agenda:

Opening Remarks 
– H.E. Ban Ki-moon, President of the Assembly and Chair of the Council, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) (video message)
– Mrs. Olufunke Cofie (PhD), Country Representative, Ghana; Regional Representative, West Africa IWMI, Ghana 
Country Presentations: 

1. Agrivoltaics: Simultaneous sustainable energy and climate resilient crop production.
Speaker: Ms. Jinsuk Kang, Manager / PV Expert, En-Velops, South Korea
2. Macroeconomic benefits of climate resilient agriculture
Speaker: Ms. Jaewon Lee, GGGI / Korea FAO Association, South Korea
3. Fight against desertification and hunger
Speaker: Mr. N’Goran Oi N’Goran Junior, Executive Director, OING ASE2D, Cote d’Ivoire
4. Lessons learned from the promotion of solar powered irrigation as a climate resilient technology in Ethiopia
Speaker: Dr. Shiferaw Tafesse Gobena, Senior Program Officer for Sustainable Land Use and Agriculture Program,
GGGI, Ethiopia
5. Improving Climate Resilience and Adaption: the example of the Sustainable Shea Initiative
Speaker: Ms. Marie Veyrier, Development Director, Global Shea Alliance, Ghana 
Open Discussion/Q&A
– Facilitator: Mr. Shivenes Shammugam, Senior Economic Officer, Macroeconomic Analysis of Low Carbon Development, GGGI
Closing Remarks
– Dr. Malle Fofana, Director and Head of Programs, Africa, GGGI 
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