Partnership Day – Korea Day

Date: Friday October 28, 2022

Time: 9h00 – 16h30 Korea Standard Time

Venue: GGGI Conference Room in Seoul, Republic of Korea

Theme: How to scale-up impacts and accelerate the delivery of GGGI Members’ green growth ambitions

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) has developed strong partnerships with an array of Ministries and affiliated agencies from its Member and partner countries. The year 2022 marks GGGI’s 10th Anniversary as an Inter-Governmental Organization. Currently (as of July 2022), GGGI has 43 Members and operations in 37 countries. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GGGI shifted the GGGWeek and its Assembly and Council joint session into virtual/hybrid format. This year’s GGGWeek2022 will be the first time, after the pandemic started in 2019, that GGGI will be hosting in-person participations of Delegates from its Member and partner countries.  

In this context, the Partnership Day provides a unique set of parallel events structured as co-organized sessions with Member & partner countries interested to showcase the cooperation with GGGI. The parallel events will feature keynote speeches, presentations on current and future major cooperation initiatives, roundtables designed around key topics, and match-making opportunity discussion tables setup during the long coffee and lunch breaks and hosted by Members (including Agencies and Embassies) to interact with Delegates of the Assembly and Council present as well as other participants. 

The Partnership Day – Korea Day Event will convene various Korean ministries and agencies to share GGGI’s cooperation with these development stakeholders and achievements on our collaboration. Furthermore, the event will serve as an opportunity to introduce GGGI and showcase our work on select themes and areas to all interested stakeholders.  

Event Agenda:

Time (Korea Standard Time) Program
09:00 Opening remarks – GGGI’s Partnerships with Korea
– Frank Rijsberman, Director-General, GGGI
09:15 Keynote Speech
– Hyoeun Jenny Kim, Ambassador & Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
09:30Session 1: ROK-GGGI Partnership to achieve Carbon Neutrality 
MODERATOR: Frank Rijsberman

Introductory Presentation: GGGI-ROK Cooperation – Overview of Contributions to GGGI’s Strategy 2030 Delivery and Results to date (Mahamadou Tounkara, Director, Office of Director-General, GGGI) 

DIALOG (Moderator: Frank Rijsberman)
SPEAKER 1 (MOE): Korea’s efforts to achieve Carbon Neutrality
SPEAKER 2 (MOFA): MOFA’s contribution to and cooperation with GGGI
SPEAKER 3 (MOEF-GGGI): Korea Green New Deal Fund, and other collaboration
SPEAKER 4 (KOICA): KOICA Grant Program

Q&A and Discussions
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Session 2: Collaboration in multiple Programmatic Solution areas 
MODERATOR: (Kyung Nam Shin, Assistant Director-General, GGGI)

Introductory Presentation: Snapshot of GGGI’s Portfolio and Service Offerings (topics covered include Green Investments, Sustainable Transport, Climate Resilient Agriculture / Sustainable Landscapes, and examples of projects implemented) 

DIALOG (Moderator: Kyung Nam Shin)
SPEAKER 1 (KFS): Cooperation on Forestry
SPEAKER 2 (MOTIE/KOTRA) Collaboration with GGGI and KOTRA’s Carbon Neutral Center
Q&A and Discussions
SPEAKER 3 (ICAK/GGGI): Sustainable Transport
SPEAKER 4 (MSIT): Science and ICT
SPEAKER 5 (KOSME): Innovation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Startups

Q&A and Discussions
Moderator: Representative from GGGI (TBC)
12:15Lunch Break
13:30Session 3: Greening Korea ODA – pathways to transformational change
Roundtable panel discussion by all concerned ROK ministries and ODA agencies
Q&A and Discussions
Moderator: Helena McLeod, Deputy Director-General, GGGI
14:30Session 4: Special Session on Clean Energy Transition and GGGI’ Programs

Special Remarks by KOTRA
SPEAKER 1: Introduction to GGGI and Global Energy Programs
SPEAKER 2: GGGI’s BioCNG Global Program
SPEAKER 3: Integrated Resource Plan, India
SPEAKER 4: Green Hydrogen Project, Indonesia
SPEAKER 5: Introduction to GGGI’s Sustainable Mobility and Transport
SPEAKER 6: Introduction to Mitigation Outcome Purchase Agreement

Q&A and Discussions
Moderator: Kyung Nam Shin, Assistant Director-General, GGGI
16:00Wrap-up Plenary
: Concluding remarks from GGGI Members and partners on the sessions and roundtables (MOFA, MOE, MOEF, MOTIE, MSIT, MSS – TBC)
16:15Closing remarks
– Frank Rijsberman, Director-General, GGGI
16:30End of Korea Day event
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    October 28, 2022 9:00 am
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    October 28, 2022 4:30 pm
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