Business Models to Unlock Climate Finance and Private Capital for Green Growth

Business Models to Unlock Climate Finance and Private Capital for Green Growth

Date: Oct 26,2023

Time: 13:00 to 14:00 (KST/GMT+9)



Even with the rapid increase in private sector investments in recent years, climate finance needs remain large, notwithstanding considerable uncertainty around the size of mitigation and adaptation needs. Promoting a conducive investment environment for combined climate and economic growth activities is the key to climate finance mobilization. Furthermore, it is a must to accelerate innovative business models, financial instruments, and climate technologies. De-risking instruments are vital to draw in and leverage private climate finance. Finally, strengthening domestic and regional financial institutions has proven to be vital in accelerating green finance in GGGI member countries. To this end the session will focus on, drawing lessons from the ADB’s Southeast Asia Facility for resilient cities, project preparation and technical assistance support, addressing the financial system’s understanding of the financial materiality of water-related risks, green and climate-resilient business plans for green lending models, unlocking private sector capital for climate action in the Middle East, and creation of a public sector Climate Finance Unit/Department, and would look at an advanced green hydrogen program as an example and learn about the status of the project, forged partnerships with world-class developers, and the strategic significance of selecting Pakistan, as the location for 400 MW electrolyser plant, aimed at producing 55,000 tonnes of Green Hydrogen (275,000 tonnes Green Ammonia) annually, with abundant renewable energy resources, low H2 production costs (Hydrogen Council Report’22), and proximity to key target markets such as Korea, Japan, and China, substantiating the feasibility of bankable transportation solutions.

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