Urban Resilience Building: African Cities’ Green Growth in a Changing Climate

Urban Resilience Building: African Cities’ Green Growth in a Changing Climate

– Date/Time: October 27, 2021, 13:50 – 16:20 GMT

– Session lead:

  • Mr. Romain Brillie, Country Representative – Senegal, GGGI

* The PPTs were available until 8th January 2022. If you wish to access the PPTs after the date, please contact us at GGGWeek2021@gggi.org.

Key resources: 


  • Investment Teaser 2021 – Scaling Up Rooftop Solar in Senegal Public Buildings (link)
  • BF13 The Social Housing Energy Efficiency Cooling Program (link)
  • Rwanda: National Roadmap for Green Secondary City Development (link)
  • Evaluation of Green City Strategies (2019) (link)

– Government of Uganda:

  • Uganda Green Growth Development Strategy(link)

– Agence marocaine pour l’efficacité énergétique:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings(link)

– Tetra Tech International Development:

  • Sustainable Urban Economic Development Programme Kenya(link)

The world’s cities are hotspots for climate vulnerability. They are also responsible for two-thirds of the world’s overall energy consumption and an estimated 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Africa’s urbanization rate among the highest on the planet is projected to accelerate in the coming decades, with the current 1.1 billion population doubling over the next 30 years. More than 80% of the increase will occur in Africa’s cities. Urbanized areas exert pressure on already vulnerable populations impacted by lack of access to potable water supply, sanitation and waste management, energy supply, transport infrastructure and services, healthy and hygienic living conditions and climate hazards.

The pandemic has also highlighted the inextricable link between health, the environment, and the economy. To regenerate sustainably, and to provide decent, green jobs for all, cities need to invest in a thriving, sustainable economy. Adequate mechanisms therefore need to be put in place to address these challenges. Many African cities have realized the importance of sustainable development, economic prosperity, and quality of life for their urban populations, and have ignited their transition to a model of green, climate resilient growth. This session highlighted concrete examples of cities in transition and will discuss the challenges and opportunities of cities growth across the African continent. 

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