Day 5 of Global Green Growth Week 2023

Day 5 – October 27, 2023 

AT A GLANCE: What sessions took place today?  

From Milestones to Visions: KGNDF and Korean Partners Advancing Transformative Climate Solutions, Empowering Cooperation with ROK: ROK’s ODA Initiatives and Collaborations, Research-Policy Interface to Upscale Multi-Level Climate Action, Closing Session: What we have heard what insights we have gained

Day 5 of Global Green Growth Week 2023 organized the Partnership Day as a unique set of events structures as co-organized sessions with Member States & Partners interested to showcase the cooperation with GGGI. The events provided match-making opportunities opened to delegates from GGGI Member States and partners who may stay on for the Partnership Day.  

As part of the Partnership Day, the session emphasized the role of the Republic of Korea as one of our biggest donor countries. On the first session of the day, “From Milestones to Visions: KGNDF and Korean Partners Advancing Transformative Climate Solutions”, it provided an in-depth examination of the significant achievements realized by the Korea Green New Deal Fund (KGNDF) in collaboration with its Korean counterparts during the period 2022-2023. Emphasis was placed on formulating strategies to ensure that these collaborations are both impactful and aligned with the broader objectives of sustainable economic growth.

As the host organization for Global Infrastructure Cooperation Conference (GICC), we were able to invite important clients from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Laos with the help of the GGGI in September. We saw a great potential for cooperation between ICAK and GGGI. We anticipate GGGI will play a significant role in establishing actual business partnerships with candidate countries in technology business.

– Kim Tae Yup, Managing Director, ICAK

On the following session, “Empowering Cooperation with ROK: ROK’s ODA Initiatives and Collaborations”, it also aimed to showcase the Republic of Korea’s commitment to Official Development Assistance (ODA) through a collaborative effort. The Session commenced with a MOU signing between GGGI and Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC), which strengthened cooperation in the Agricultural sector between the two organizations.

I am very happy to sign a MOU with our corporation today to promote cooperation with GGGI. I hope that the MOU will strengthen the partnership between the two organizations, and in particular, the cooperation will continue with GGGI’s global network and the rich technology of construction.

– Tae Sun Park, Agricultural Infrastructure Development Executive Director, KRC 

The following segments delved into specific domains of the ROK’s ODA with presentations from experts from KRC, Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

As the last session of the Partnership Day, it also had a special focus in partnership with Hungary, one of our Member countries. The session presented and discussed impactful projects on research-policy interface that aim to introduce climate solutions and actions that can be replicated and upscaled. Notably, the session delved into European research-policy interface initiatives led by GGGI Hungary’s office, including UP2030 and the ENERGATE project.

Research-policy interface fosters a collaborative and informed approach to tackling the complex challenges of climate change.  Throughout the session, we tried to showcase a global research endeavor dedicated to evaluating the quality of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

As the week came to a close, the final session carefully examined the pivotal insights gathered during the event. It delved into the key challenges and opportunities discussed as the event aimed to fast-track transformative climate action, distilled essential messages that needed to be carried forward, and identified ongoing conversations that would be crucial at COP28.

As we mobilize the green investment needed, and we will, it’s crucial to ensure that our investments not only address climate resilience but also promote gender and social inclusion. Every dollar we invest in infrastructure should aim to reach the most vulnerable, the most underserved, that is where we can have the most impact, that is where we will all ultimately benefit the most.

– Katerina Syngellakis, Pacific Regional Director, GGG

The whole journey was inspiring and mind-blowing. I gained hope and confidence seeing how there are lots of people out there working so hard towards ‘transformative climate action’! Grateful that I was able to support this event.

– Nayoon Kang, Young Professional, GGGI

We need to take real and urgent climate action. With all of us working together, no matter how big or small our walk may seem, I’m confident that we can achieve the seemingly impossible and create a better future for all. To all the participants, presenters, and supporters who made this event possible, I extend my deep gratitude. Thank you for your enthusiasm and contributions to help make the events very successful. I’d like to encourage you to continue asking tough questions and thinking about innovative and bold solutions so we can fast track transformative climate action together. Thank you for being a part of GGGI Climate Journey and I hope to see you again in 2024.

– H.E. Ban Ki-moon, President & Chair of the Assembly, and the Council, GGGI

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